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Terms of User

This Account Opening Agreement (hereinafter referred to as “this agreement”) is a contract between you and Swift Coin Digital Asset Trading Platform on which you participate in digital asset subscription, trading and currency withdrawal activities. Please read this agreement carefully, especially the exemption clause concerning the trading platform. When you click the “Agree and Continue” button, this Agreement constitutes a legal document binding on both parties.

I. declaration and commitment

1. before you open an account on the trading platform, you confirm that you are fully capable. Your age must be over 18 years of age. If you do not have the capacity and age to behave as described above, you and your guardian shall bear all the consequences arising therefrom.

2. You confirm that you have fully, completely and accurately recognized and understood the risks mentioned in the Risk Prompt and voluntarily assumed the losses resulting from the above risks.

3. you have read and will abide by the rules of the trading platform publicity.

4. you guarantee that the digital assets that you engage in digital asset transactions on the trading platform are legitimate.

5. you will ensure that the trading account is restricted to your own use and will not be leased or transferred to the transaction account. Any action taken through your trading account will be deemed to be your own act and you will bear the consequences.

6. you promise to pay the relevant taxes yourself.

II. account establishment and management

1. You must set up a trading account on the trading platform before entering the trading platform to participate in digital asset subscription and trading activities. You should fill in the account opening information or submit the information according to the requirements of the trading platform. You should ensure that the information or information (including the original and photocopies) filled in is true, complete, accurate and effective. If there is any change, you should update the relevant information or information in a timely manner.

2. when you set up a trading account, you should set your own password. You can change your password at any time during the normal trading hours.

3. trading platform solemnly reminds you to pay attention to password security. Any application, transaction, delivery, etc. using your password and digital certificate will be deemed to be valid if you wish.

4. You agree and authorize the trading platform to handle the transfer of digital assets or funds between the trading account and other accounts for you after you give instructions.

5. After setting up a trading account, you must transfer your digital assets to the specified address of the platform to facilitate the settlement and transfer of your trading digital assets.

6. the transaction information you carry on the transaction platform will be recorded in your trading account.

7. The amount of each digital asset you withdraw and the number of access times per day are executed in accordance with your agreement with the trading platform.

8. when you lose your trading account, you should report the loss to the trading platform in time.

9. If you violate the rules and regulations of the trading platform, the trading platform has the right to restrict your trading account.

III. transaction fee

When you use this service, the trading platform has the right to charge you a fee in accordance with the relevant fee rules. Trading platform has the right to make and adjust service fees.

Unless otherwise specified or agreed, you agree that the trading platform has the right to deduct the above service charges directly from the funds that you entrust to the trading platform for escrow, collection or payment, or from the balance of your trading account.

IV. limitation of liability

You understand and agree that the trading platform shall not be liable for any damages arising from any of the following circumstances, including, but not limited to, economic, reputation, spiritual and other losses:

a. technical failure of your equipment or communication;

b. the information you provide to the trading platform is not true, incomplete, inaccurate or invalid;

c. A transaction account in which your password is not kept properly, your digital certificate is lost, or someone forges, alters, or tampers with it;

d. any information network equipment maintenance, connection failure, computer, communication or other system failure, power failure, strike, riot, fire, flood, storm, explosion, war, government action, judicial order or other force majeure factor.

2. digital assets can be irreversible to operate

once converted.

V. information protection

trading platform attaches importance to your information protection. The trading platform will not disclose your identity and other information to unrelated third parties without your explicit authorization, legal requirements, judicial or government authorities’requirements, or in the interests of the public.

VI. complete agreement and revision

1. This agreement consists of the provisions of this Agreement and the rules and amendments of the digital assets disclosed by the trading platform. Once you open an account on a trading platform and participate in digital asset subscription, trading and withdrawal of currency, you are bound by all the components of this agreement.

2.The amendment of this agreement will be notified by the trading platform in the form of announcement, which is an integral part of this Agreement and has the same legal effect as this agreement. You have the obligation to keep an eye on and read the latest version of the agreement and trading platform bulletin from time to time. If you do not agree to the updated agreement, you may and should immediately stop trading on the trading platform; if you continue trading on the trading platform, you are deemed to agree to the updated agreement.

3. If any part of this Agreement is deemed to be invalid, null and void or unenforceable for any reason, it shall be deemed separable and shall not affect the validity and enforceability of any other provision.


Respected trading members:

Due to various risk factors in the process of digital asset trading, Swift Coin trading platform solemn hint:

Digital asset trading is a non-capital-preserved transaction, which has the possibility of profit and the risk of loss. Before you choose digital assets for trading, please pay attention to and carefully assess the investment risk, read the relevant trading rules and this risk note carefully, understand the specific situation of digital assets, carefully consider whether your own situation is suitable for such transactions, and carefully decide on the purchase and its own risk tolerance and asset management needs. Matching digital assets. After you purchase related digital assets, you should also pay attention to the relevant information and risks of digital assets. If you choose to participate in the platform’s digital asset transactions, it is considered that you have carefully read the above provisions and this risk statement and voluntarily assume the risk of digital asset transactions. Please objectively and rationally recognize the risks of transactions including, but not limited to,

1.Macroeconomic Risk: Changes in the international macroeconomic situation will also have an impact on the digital asset trading platform, which will lead to fluctuations in the price of digital asset trading.

2. Policies and regulations: As an innovative trading mode, the laws and policies of various countries and their own trading rules need to be perfected in practice. Changes in national laws, regulations and policies and other factors affecting price fluctuations may affect the transaction price of digital assets. Due to the changes in Singapore’s laws, regulations and policies, the platform may be amended to affect the qualification of the trading entity, trading rules and other aspects of the changes, which may lead to abnormal fluctuations in the price of digital assets trading platform.

3.Platform risk: platform factors such as the type and amount of digital assets traded, and the degree of participation of platform personnel and funds may lead to abnormal fluctuations in the price of digital assets traded on this platform.

4. Credit risk: the members of digital asset trading violate the transaction contract, resulting in losses to other trading members.

5. Technical risk: because the transaction, the display of information and the transfer of funds are all realized through the use of electronic communication technology and transmission through the Internet, there is the possibility of being attacked by network hackers and computer viruses, or the possibility of communication technology or related software being defective, or the failure of Internet transmission. Can cause your transaction instructions can not be timely transmission, these risks can lead to your transaction declaration can not be completed or all transactions, or transfer funds can not arrive in time, transaction delays, suspension or even can not complete the transaction.

6.Force Majeure Risk: Force Majeure Factors such as Earthquake, Typhoon, Fire, Flood, War, Plague, Social Disturbance, etc. may cause the paralysis of the trading system; the platform can not control and unpredictable system failures, equipment failures, communication failures, power failures, etc. may also lead to abnormal operation of the trading system. The bank may even be paralyzed, and these risks may result in your transaction declaration not being able to be completed or all transactions can not be completed, or transfer funds can not arrive in time and so on.

7.Risk of Network Failure: Failure of the Internet or other reasons to make the declaration order error or interruption of transactions, suspension, delay and other circumstances, resulting in transaction information errors or transactions can not be concluded, not all transactions or delayed transactions.

8. Risk of account password leakage: password leakage, account leakage or fraudulent use of trading membership due to computer intrusion, hacker attack, etc. may result in incorrect declaration instructions, malicious false declaration or failure of declaration, delay, error, etc.

9.Software and Hardware Systems Risk: The computer equipment and software systems of the trading members do not match the online trading system provided, resulting in failure or delay in issuing declaration orders.

10. Other risks: members may suffer losses due to password loss, improper operation, trading decision-making errors and other reasons; losses caused by malicious operation of others after online declaration and hotkey operation is not promptly withdrawn; and losses may result from hackers’attacks if online transactions are not promptly withdrawn. .

When you participate in a transaction, any promise that anyone will make a profit or that no loss will occur is unfounded, and similar promises do not reduce the likelihood of loss. This platform does not authorize any individuals or organizations to conduct entrusted investment and financial services, in order to protect the legitimate rights and interests of trading members, please do not sign a deal with anyone entrusted agency agreement, otherwise the consequences arising from this will be borne by you.

The Risk Tips list only the items, and do not specify all the risks involved in the transaction and all the circumstances that may affect the abnormal fluctuation of the digital asset platform. Other unforeseen risk factors may also bring you losses. Please have a clear understanding of this. You should make sure that you have adequate risk assessment and financial arrangements to avoid unacceptable losses arising from your participation in the transaction.

Special note: the platform warns you that the above-mentioned risks and other unforeseen risk factors may bring you losses, are for your own account, this platform will not bear. You should carefully formulate trading strategies according to your own economic conditions and psychological endurance, especially when you decide to buy a variety with greater potential risks, you should be more aware of the risks inherent in such digital assets.

We solemnly remind you to read carefully and bear in mind the following persuasion:

1, Please configure your personal assets reasonably, and do not invest all your personal assets in the digital assets trading platform.

2. Please manage your personal wealth rationally, and do not invest the necessary funds, mortgages or other loans into the digital asset platform.

3. Please objectively assess your ability to resist risks and choose the right trading varieties

4. Please use the trading strategy correctly and leave appropriate funds for rainy days.

5. Please seriously understand the digital assets you are trading, you can not blindly operate on platform rumors alone.

6. Please understand and master the necessary knowledge and relevant laws and regulations of the digital asset exchange, and improve the ability of self-protection.

This platform once again solemnly reminds us that trading is risky, please distinguish the relationship between risk and income, establish a correct investment concept, prudent trading, rational operation, pay attention to physical and mental health and capital security.

Swift Coin digital asset trading platform